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Kelvin...I wouldn't change a thing - I enjoy the heck out of these postings.  I loved your writing regarding the morning breakfast sandwich - it provided my food for thought... No pun intended ;)
   RN - Michigan

It amazes me how you take an event such as that and turn it into something interesting and meaningful. AWESOME!
  LH - New York

I was glad to get your RAMBLINGS LITE.  It was very informative, and yes you are smart, and very good at talking about your life and life experiences.  So my coment is KEEP THEM COMING.
   IMV - Mississippi

You can be such a heavy groovy dude, dude...  
MHR - Pennsylvania

Kelvin, I have thought since the first few times I met you that you are truly interesting.  I have enjoyed your Ramblings keep it up!
JB - New York

Now THIS was a great Ramblings (Schedule That In?). CW - New York Kelvin, You are so precious and you [Ramblings] always arrive in my life at the most perfect times!! Thank you!
 KD - New York

Thanks for the article.  Thought it was quite inspirational!  Guess its in your blood. 
DC - Maryland

You're so smart.
  PH - New York

Quite Inspiring, thanks! I just read your latest Ramblings.  And I have to say thank you... I appreciate your putting such positive conversation on your blog.... Long story short, your last entry was very encouraging...thanks!!!
   DE -  Delaware 

Fantastic.  What a great piece writing, Kelvin.  Kind of reminded me what I go through as well and what you wrote adds some change to my "you can do it" bank in the back of my mind, an account reserved for just the moments and people that you described. So here's back at you Kelvin, keep your spirits high and your dreams alive! Cheers.
KS - New York

Hi Kelvin - So nice to get "Ramblings" again! What you wrote about really hits home for me... Your upbeat Ramblings always puts a smile on my face...
  MC - New York

You know, you are good.  Sometimes I think you are too deep to be my friend... That was a very good Ramblings - well worth waiting for... Thanks for the push.  LH - New York

It's been a long time since your last Ramblings... [my husband] actually got to read this one.  Now I have to forward all your Ramblings to him.  Thanks!! Keep thinking ... and keep us informed...
BM - New Jersey

Oh my Kelvin; as usual that was a marvelous Ramblings... I wish I had your positive mind-set and verbal gift.   SG - Arizona

Hey, you...THANK YOU for being in my life. AH - New York

I love your positive thinking!!!  Fabulous Ramblings as always!!  KT - New York

I just read your 3/25/05 Ramblings, because I didn't get it for some reason.  Excellent job - I will need lots of emails like this one.    MC - New York.

Wow, what a story. That is so cooooooooool. Can I have a button? I am pretty sure I qualify! I think that The Button is a fabulous story. I am so glad that you put me back on to Ramblings. Even my husband said ...  I have put your button article in my Writers Research file. I will read it if I am discouraged or exhausted. A thousand thank you!
  CB - Arkansas

Sitting here at 0830 on Saturday with sunshine and coffee.  So I've gotta tell you that you touched me with this issue!   I'll be giggling all day.  Thanks. ME - New York

I received it, I read it, and I think it is AWESOME!  Thanks for writing it and thanks for sending it!  You  know how sometimes in life you receive just what you  needed to hear that day?  Well, just want you to know that is what this did for me.  You do make a real difference in life!!  Thank you!  LJ - Louisiana

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