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My philosophy...

It took me a while to record my philosophy on these pages.  Perhaps it is because... once you actually lay out your philosophy in writing for the world to see, then the world expects you to live by it.  "Accountability: the other white meat."

This was such an important task, and I didn' t want to mess it up, so I thought I might consult The Oracle -- sometimes known as the Merriam Webster -- for guidance, and make sure I had philosophy simply defined in my mind.  Of course, it seems that whenever you really need something simplified, it is at that precise instant that simplicity flees.  Such was the case now, and the oracle gifted me with several points to ponder.

One thought led to the next and what fit for me -- and how I view my philosophy -- are these:

  • Philosophy: "the most general beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual (or group); "calmness of temper and judgment befitting a philosopher".
  • Philosopher (for me): "a person whose philosophical perspective makes meeting trouble with equanimity easier" and...
  • Equanimity is as defined: "evenness of mind, especially under stress; right disposition: BALANCE."

So in a nut shell:

  • I believe that my life experiences have helped me develop a perspective that I can share with people, that can help them get through life with greater ease, and evenness of mind. 
  • My philosophy focuses on the individual's mastery of his or her own thoughts and actions -- what Anthony Robbins calls "Personal Power".  
  • I believe that we must first master ourselves -- or at least be on a path towards mastery -- before we can be of significant help to someone else.
  • I believe we have a much greater potential as individuals than "the world" would have us believe .
  • I believe that we have more power within ourselves by simply controlling our own thoughts and perspectives, which then enables us to see more possibilities than is readily apparent to most others.
  • And... I believe that once we learn that, and experience it once, then we have a valuable lesson that we can teach to others -- who are willing to learn.

So, that's my philosophy; and now the world has it in writing, and my accountability begins.

Of course... you KNOW we  have to have some FUN admidst all this teaching and empowering so... stayed tuned!  Philosophy doesn't have to be boring!

Have an AWESOME day...

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