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  Issue# 04 - The Season Finale December 29, 2003 

Greetings !

This is it!  The final "Ramblings" of 2003, and I have to tell you that this newsletter is more than a "tiny" goal for me; one that I've had for many years.  And I'd like to thank those of you who continue to read it -- and even request more -- for the value you place in my words.  I will strive to always make them worthy of your e-listening.

I have SO many things going on, and I finally figured out my problem...  I *must* have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This is why I can't seem to finish anything without making multiple trips to and fro, hither and yon, back and forth. I get started doing one thing, then something catches my attention and I'm off to handle that; then something else catches my attention and so on, and so on, and at the end of the day ( and often at the end of the year. . . ) here I sit with any number of things / projects / tasks / jobs / papers.... *started*. . . but not a whole lot actually "completed".

People call and ask me "Are you busy?" and I say "Heck yes; I'm always busy!" but, a wise man -- or wise woman -- told me a while back that I *should not* confuse activity . . . with productivity. There are lots of people who are exceptionally busy. . . doing very, very little. . . and I am occasionally guilty of that (the computer and internet help, I must say. The internet can be a great time waster)

Such is the case today (re: that attention thing...) when I'm sitting here at my desk -- straightening, paying bills, cleaning up after Christmas, when a friend of mine sends me an email and says, "Kelvin, I'm not much for making new year's resolutions, but I'm going to make some this year..."  Oh well... so much for writing the bills.... THIS caught my attention, now, and I was compelled to stop what I was doing, and write about it.

We've been looking forward to all kinds of stuff this year. I'm a photographer; and after the end of last year, busy photographers were looking forward to getting a break in January and February when business slowed down, and then were anxiously looking forward to April when busine$$ would pick up again. Then, we looked forward to Seniors portrait season, then wedding season, then the Christmas season! . . . then -- hating the Christmas rush -- we looked forward to finishing up and actually enjoying Christmas.   Now that Christmas is over, we're looking forward to. . . New Year's Eve! and in a couple of days that will be over, and we'll be looking forward to. . . uh.. . what? Oh yeah. Super Bowl SUNDAY! or who knows what else.  But, with all that "looking forward to", most people actually arrive squarely planted in the new year without the foggiest clue of where they're headed, or what they want to do. . . with the rest of their year.  Is there life after the hangover ? :-)  So, here's something to think about?

    Where were you at the end of 2003,
    compared to where you wanted to be?

    Where will you be when we close the door
    on the year we called 2004 ?

Goal setting is a powerful tool, my friends.  New Year's resolutions are awesome! because they tend to be things you really want; things you are passionate about, and things that MEAN something important to you. . . but New Year's resolutions generally have an inherent flaw . . . because most New Year's resolutions don't have a definite date, or definite results as their target, and unless your "resolution" has a drop-dead date and a definable, measurable way for you to know when you've *made it*, it is more often than not just wishful thinking.

Here's an example:  "Next year, I'm going increase my income from photography !"

Hmmmm.  What does that mean?  What does that look like, really?  How much is that?  At what point will your brain know that you have achieved that goal?  If your brain doesn't know what the *success* will look like, then it doesn't know what it's working for.  Very much akin to the Department of Public Works saying, "Yup... we're going to put us in a new highway ... out that way!"

Here's another ( better ) example: "By December 1st, 2004, I will have made $20,000 more in sales than I had by the same time in 2003."

Now. . . the brain knows 1) how much more you need, and 2) when you need it by, and -- since you have your bank books at hand -- 3) your brain will be able to KNOW when you've reached that goal. It is now absolute, and you can visualize what that looks like.

Of course, saying it doesn't make it so! and you are now going to have to work toward that goal -- you may have to change your pricing; you may have to get better at what you do, you may have to add a new service or learn a new skill or create some new partnerships. . . or any number of things, but at least you now have the foundation you need in order to break it down into smaller parts and see what the stepping stones look like ( that's a whole other article, though - smile.)  I sent around a "Motivational Quote" last week from Vic Conant that said, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Also, don't get me wrong. . . It doesn't have to be money, either.  It could be weight ("I'll be at my ideal weight of 150 pounds by July 12, 2004"). . . or maybe travel ("On August 2, 2004, I'll be standing on E-Street, in St. George, Bermuda, sipping a virgin daqueri in my straw hat. . .") or even relationships. . .("I'll call my sister in Georgia every 3rd Tuesday in 2004 and tell her I love her. . ."), or anything else you want it to be.

So, in my last message of 2003, I'd like to challenge each and every one of you to go into 2004 with a *plan*. WRITE DOWN 10 things you want to accomplish in 2004 -- in your business, your personal life, your health, your friends and / or family circles... WRITE THEM DOWN.  Then prioritize them -- what's most important if you can't get them all done.  Then. . . figure out what it will take to achieve them, and write that down too; then, put a date on each one, so you know when you need it by.  This is powerful stuff, folks. I could talk for hours on it (but I won't) .

THEN... after you have made that list, you need to do TWO things with it:

    1. Put it some place where you can SEE it and look at it EVERY DAY! to remind you of what your goals are, and what you need to do to make them happen...

    2. Give the list to a FRIEND! Now, I'm not talking about Aunt Hilda, who's gonna say..."umph, child...them sure is mighty big dreams for little ol' humble you... yes they are..."  NO! You give that list to a FRIEND who supports you, who believes in you, who encourages you. . . and who is interested in your success. A friend who will cheer for you, root you on and maybe even rub your shoulders when you're half-way there and you're tired and thinkin' about quitting.... Give that list to someone who will applaud your success, and not be jealous of you when you succeed. . . and if you don't have anyone like that in your life, then you write that list down anyway, and you send that puppy to *me*. . .

Do those things. . . and at the end of 2004, drop me an email and tell me how you did. I'll bet you money... you'll win.

"Hold on to dreams ! for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. . .". I don't remember who said that, but it bounces around my head every time I think about setting goals.  I got tons on goals. Write me; we'll e-talk :-)

SET YOUR GOALS, and keep in touch.  If no one else will, *I* will applaud your successes... large or small.... just let me know what they are.

Enjoy your 2004, ladies and gentlemen!  Expect something great . . .

Thanks for reading; I look forward to hearing from you. If you like what I had to say, consider passing it on to your friends, or just have them go the the web site and sign up for the newsletter.  As I produce them, each edition will be added to the sign up list, so. . . new folks won't miss any as I continue.

Until next time, have an AWESOME day!


"Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people
are unwilling to do." (author unknown)

1. This is the year I take (took back) control of my life.
2. This is the year, I do (did) all those things I'd been talking about.
3. We're gonna roar, in 2004 :-)

Kelvin ( http://www.ringold.net )